Dive into a city of intrigue and mayhem in Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel! In this upcoming D&D anthology, dive into thirteen short adventures spanning the multiverse, facing dangers both whimsical and sinister.

The Radiant Citadel is a magnificent city found in the ever wandering Ethereal Plane. This city is a intersection for multiverse travellers of all kinds and creeds, filled to the brim with legends and treasures. But with riches comes danger, and this city is filled with it. Watch your step, or you may end up somewhere you were never expecting…

The thirteen adventures inside this guide span from levels 1 to 14, allowing for use either as one shots or in-campaign adventures. Journey across the multiverse in each adventure, ranging from lighthearted high fantasy to gothic horror. Learn more about the Citadel itself, meeting numerous new NPCs to get acquainted with. With eleven brand new monsters to hunt, fight, or simply try to survive against, there is plenty of mischief to get up to throughout the Citadel!

Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel comes out on June 21st, 2022!

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