Hello adventurers! I am so happy to announce a new series we are starting here at The Bag of Loot – The Game Maker’s Guide!

The Game Maker’s Guide is going to be dedicated to talking to people who make all types of board game content. From war games to campaign settings to escape rooms, we will be covering everything game making!

Today we are talking to Michael Iantorno, co-author of The Elephant in the Room rules changes for Pathfinder and the Hearth and Blade homebrew world setting (both of which he developed with his brother Mathew).

Enjoy the first episode!

Check out the Elephant in the Room here! https://michaeliantorno.com/the-elephant-in-the-room-feat-taxes-in-pathfinder-page/

Check out Hearth and Blade here! https://mammothisland.itch.io/hearth-and-blade

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