Hello fire breathers of all kinds! It’s time to uncover the ancient secrets of dragons to become the true Mother of Dragons with Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons!

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons will answer any and all questions about your scaly friends. Why are red and gold dragons really all that different from one another? How does dragon magic work? Where do dragons come from? How does Bahamat and Tiamat fit into the story? All of these and more will be answered here!

Not only will these secrets be revealed, but brand new creatures and class archetypes will be unveiled! This sourcebook will introduce gem dragons into the official lexicon of D&D, as well as other forms of dragonkin. Monks and rangers will be getting new archetypes tied to the new dragon lore, as well as brand new dragonborn ancestries. And don’t forget about the new spell and feat options to spice up your character.

If you are interested in dragon lore, or just want some new DM opportunities, make sure to check out what Fizban has to offer!

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons comes out October 19th, 2021!

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