Eye of Zamrock: Invasion is a high fantasy resource management game where you must balance the needs of your kingdom while you fend off a demonic invasion. Pull in five of your friends to kick off a politics game where only one kingdom can come out victorious!

Begin by choosing one of the six different nations to play, each with their own unique abilities.

  • The Dragon Kingdom can accelerate resource acquisition and reduce magic recovery times.
  • The Horee Kingdom can build massive defences for their cities and quickly stealth when danger is on the horizon.
  • The Construct Kingdom can look at the cards across the numerous resource decks and get what they need.
  • The Giant Kingdom can quickly gain access to money and deal extra damage to demons.
  • The Human Kingdom can control some aspects of the demon summoning circles, and quickly dash to assault demonic armies.
  • And The Ork Kingdom can interrupt other players to take resources, purchase resources first in the turn order, and always have the advantage when demons attack in their territory.

Once your kingdom is chosen, you then choose a hero who will explore the world and lead your armies to victory! There is:

  • Belein Sinkvor, The Demon Hunter
  • Miriam Rhugh, The Spatial Knight
  • Arglar Stormhold, The Knight
  • Galfena, The Dwarven Smith
  • Gregruk Gorgurkur, The Terrifying Warrior
  • Priptu Romed, The Ranger
  • Mach Earthfielderson, The Giant Fighter
  • Ilion Plav, The Elven Archer

Once you have your hero, you are ready to play! Players take turns sending out their hero to perform deeds and performing kingdom actions to rally their troops, build up their defences, gathering resources, and attacking the incoming demons. While you set out on your military campaign, expand your territory and prepare to ambush enemy pieces.

However, just because you are able to bring the hammer down on the demons doesn’t mean that’s the only way to win. You will also need to obtain as many Medals as possible, granting you points by accomplishing different kingdom objectives. Whoever ends the game with the most medals wins!

Eye of Zamrock: Invasion comes out in April, 2024! Back your copy here!

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