Exquisite Crime is a game all on it’s own. Created by Hunters Books, the same company who made Alice is Missing, Exquisite Crime is about solving crimes as psychic investigators. Contribute narrative beats and drawings to help determine who committed the strange and alien crimes throughout your city.

This game emphasizes surrealism through its construction. This means thatt you do not need to be a master sketch artist to play this game. Whatever way you draw a scene, a villain, a victim is what the game world allows. Things can be strange and unknown. When it comes to the weird, the more the merrier!

There is no GM to this game. Instead, the storytelling focus is dedicated to the players, allowing the group to make decisions about the world for themselves. This will be aided by the use of Zener Cards. These cards will help you build your characters by having the person on your left guess what card you have drawn from the deck. If they guess right, they get a powerful character ability at the top of the card. If they guess wrong, then who knows what may befall them on the bottom side?

Exquisite Crime

Exquisite Crime comes out in June 2022! Back your copy here!

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