Master of Waves
Master of Waves Azorious Control
 Davey Cadaver
1st Place at Oregon Standard Event on 10/5/13

Instants (8)

Lands (25)

Enchantments (3)

Planeswalkers (7)

Creatures (13)

Sorceries (4)

Sideboard (17)

Here is a very interesting Blue + White control deck which looks to abuse devotion to blue in a very strong way.  Using the standard shell with Azorius Charm, Sphinx’s Revelation, Detention Sphere and Supreme Verdict it is already a very powerful control machine.  Elspeth and Jace work their usual magic to power up the deck and work towards the end game.  But the addition of Thassa and Master of Waves is what takes the deck in a new direction, and with Frostburn Weird, Jace and the other blue permanents it isn’t hard to get the devotion online.