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Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - August 4, 2014

Mono-Blue Devotion by Collin Roundtree (1st at SCG Dallas Standard Ope...

Champion’s Deck

Master of Waves - mono-blue devotion

Mono-Blue Devotion by Collin Rountree

1st Place at StarCityGames.com Standard Open on 8/2/2014
With what became an inevitable conclusion with a mirror match final Mono-Blue Devotion reared its ugly head again to take down the Open in Dallas this weekend. The deck was obviously well positioned against the field as four copies managed to eke into the top 8. The more telling story is that with nothing added from Magic 2015 it was clearly already at its pinnacle with this standard configuration having ravaged the meta since it appeared after the release of Theros.


Although this is a blue deck there is no real Control element and it is firmly entrenched in the Aggro camp. It uses a very efficient curve to clutter the board with threats building to a inevitable conclusion. We start up the curve with two one drop flyers in Cloudfin Raptor that is able to grow over the first few turns into a sizable machine and Judge’s Familiar who sits around unimposingly waiting for that moment your opponent forgets that he is there to ruin his casting of a non-creature spell. Next at two there is Frostburn Weird which pulls double duty as a great wall or efficient ground pounder and Tidebinder Mage which is integral to lockdown the large creatures from GR/Jund Monsters, both adding two Devotion to the count. The next creature we have is Nightveil Specter which can be very useful as a threat in the air and will very often be able to strip away useful cards that your opponent would like to draw after a Scry, while adding on its own a full three to your Devotion. All of this Devotion then comes into play first with the other three drop Thassa, God of the Sea to turn her on for attacking or blocking but having her Scry every turn goes miles in helping you close out the victory in a timely fashion. The last creature at four is also looking at the Devotion when Master of Waves enters the battlefield to see just how many friends it’s inviting to the party. As a mono-colored deck it is able to include a full set of Mutavault into the manabase to ensure even after sorcery speed sweepers there is still pressure against the enemies life total and as a bonus also receive the Masters pump. As additional devotion and as a pseudo-removal spell there is a pair of Domestication. As far as the other spells there is a trio of Rapid Hybridization to flip huge problems into manageable Frog Lizards and also a pair of Cyclonic Rift which can often just seal the game once you hit that seventh land you needed to end a stall by sweeping the other side of the board but can also just bounce back one pesky blocker preventing you from victory.


Mono-blue devotion has time and time again proven that it is a highly efficient weapon to ruin your opponents day. If you are looking for a deck to rock your WMCQ then this is definitely one that you should highly consider. And on the flip side, if you aren’t going to be playing this deck then be certain to get some reps against it as you’ll almost certainly be facing off against it in a non-zero amount of rounds.
Eric J Seltzer
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Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - June 11, 2014

Champion’s Deck – Mono-Blue Devotion by Ross Merriam (1st ...

Mono-Blue Devotion - Hall of Triumph
Mono-Blue Devotion
Ross Merriam
1st Place at StarCityGames Standard Open on 6/7/2014
Something old, something Blue…or as they say “It’s back !!!”. Like a blast from the past a Mono-Blue Devotion deck was able to rise to the top and finally grab itself another crown. While it is basically the same lists that were around and dominating oh so many moons ago, Ross did squeeze in some interesting things to bring the deck forward to the now.
It all starts with your Flying one drops. The usual suspects arrive with Judge’s Familiar and Cloudfin Raptor to start terrorizing from the sky, but it looks like Ross wanted that extra little push and added a singleton Galerider Sliver to ensure a consistent turn one play. Continuing into two drops there are perennial two way player Frostburn Weird playing both defensive and offensive roles, and Tidebinder Mage which is great in a world rife with Green and Red monsters. Next we find that amazing yet inexpensive God with Thassa, God of the Sea to both push through Unblockable creature and provide constant card selection. There is also Devotion superstar Nightveil Specter that help as the only real card advantage in the deck while at the same time stealing options away from your opponent. All of these creatures help to increase your Devotion count for the decks bomb play when you drop a Master of Waves and clutter the board with an army of Elemental tokens. As another slight addition to the devotion count there’s also a miser Bident of Thassa which gives the deck that slim extra card draw when it’s on the offensive. The real innovation in the deck comes from the inclusion of anthem artifact Hall of Triumph which will help to ensure that the Masters tokens don’t just disappear whenever he takes a hike, a huge issue in the past. For a few bits of removal in the deck we find a pair of Rapid Hybridization to keep the skies free of blockers and Cyclonic Rift when you just need to flick the reset switch on the other side of the board.
While I won’t exactly say that this looks like we are heralding in a new era of Mono-Blue it is encouraging to see that there is always place for tried strategies to return for another round. This is also a fairly good deck to invest in going forward into the next Standard season as it is powerful and maintains a good amount of its list. And while Frostburn and Nightveil are two huge losses we should no doubt see decent replacement options with the upcoming new sets. I would definitely say this list is worth taking for a spin and working forward into the next year.
Eric J Seltzer
@ejseltzer on Twitter
Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - October 11, 2013

Deck of the Day: Master of Waves UW Control (Theros Standard)

Master of Waves
Master of Waves Azorious Control
 Davey Cadaver
1st Place at Oregon Standard Event on 10/5/13

Instants (8)

Lands (25)

Enchantments (3)

Planeswalkers (7)

Creatures (13)

Sorceries (4)

Sideboard (17)

Here is a very interesting Blue + White control deck which looks to abuse devotion to blue in a very strong way.  Using the standard shell with Azorius Charm, Sphinx’s Revelation, Detention Sphere and Supreme Verdict it is already a very powerful control machine.  Elspeth and Jace work their usual magic to power up the deck and work towards the end game.  But the addition of Thassa and Master of Waves is what takes the deck in a new direction, and with Frostburn Weird, Jace and the other blue permanents it isn’t hard to get the devotion online.