Junk Midrange
Trisha Thomas
9th Place at StarCityGames Standard Open on 12/7/2013
Lands (24)

Creatures (24)

Spells (12)


I’ve always found Junk to be one of the more powerful combinations of colors and this deck is no different combining a dynamic mix of dorks, beasts and removal. Everything starts out with the dorks pushing hard to power the beasts out as quickly as possible with a set of Mystics and a trio of Caryatid.  Then we have what feel more like the middle of the pack threats in Fleecemane Lion & Smiter and the utility of Scavenging Ooze, although the graveyard isn’t being used as much as a resource like it was in previous metas.  We finally get to the diverse package of beasts with Desecration Demon, Polukranos, Obzedat and Blood Baron. Between the all of them you are definitely going to find a way through your opponents defenses. It’s as if some finishers were pulled out of Black Devotion, GRuul Monsters and Esper Control then smashed together. The removal package is well rounded to deal with a variety of obstacles using a mix of Hero’s Downfall, Abrupt Decay, Putrefy and Doom Blade.  The deck also has a pair of Thoughtseize for a minor amount of disruption.
While I find the deck to be well designed there are a few changes that I would look at if I were to pick it up. First with Doom Blade there are way too many threats that make these dead draws that I would much prefer Devour Flesh in that spot as it can help rid pesky Gods as well. Also, Temple of Silence is strictly better then Orzhov Guildgate. Finally for my taste I would prefer to squeeze in the ful set of Thoughtseize rather then just a random pair, but that could be more my need for information.