Cyclades: Legendary Edition is a revamped and upgraded version of the 2009 hit! Build a formidable army filled with legendary heroes, and bid for the favour of the Gods in order to gain powerful bonuses and abilities. Call down the power of the heavens with this powerful new edition!

To win the game, you need to build two cities on the mythic islands of Cyclades. To do so, players will need to gain the will of the Gods, gather resources, and fight their way to victory. No strategy is off the table.

Each player begins by choosing a faction. Each faction has the same abilities across the board, allowing each player to play in any way they want. Each turn, players will be able to traverse the board and attempt to gain influence from each of the Gods. Each deity will grant you special abilities that will help you construct your cities:

  • Apollo will increase the amount of worshippers you have in your cities and ranks.
  • Ares allows you to move armies and lets you build Fortresses.
  • Athena grants you access to philosophers and universities.
  • Poseidon allows you to move Navies and build Ports
  • Zeus gives you access to priests and building Temples.

Once you have achieved the favour from each deity, you will be able to construct your cities on the islands of Cyclades. But make sure to mind your opponents! Only the first person to build two cities in the Cyclades will claim victory!

What is new about Cyclades: Legendary Edition? You will get the Director’s Cut version of the game, which includes every expansion of Cyclades all fit into one! This will include Cyclades: Hade, Cyclades: Hecate, Cyclades: Titans, and more! There are new game modes, which includes the Classic play, a new Team mode, and a Two-Player mode. There is even a new God to worship: Hera! When you worship Hera, she will grant you powerful Mercenaries, and allow you to move them across the board to perform any mighty task you desire.

There are so many updates with this new edition, so make sure you get your hands on it before it is too late!

Cyclades: Legendary Edition comes out in December, 2024! Back your copy here!

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