Channel the powers of the forest and face off against your friends in Command of Nature! Get up to four of your friends together to deck-build and channel powerful magics to defeat one another!

Players take on the role of Sages, powerful wizards who can perform rituals that can summon allies or activate devastating effects. Choose between the four different schools:

  • The Twig school focuses on damage output, trying to end your opponents in as few rounds as possible
  • The Leaf school focuses on deck and discard pile manipulation, giving you access to any card you need at the right time
  • The Droplet school focuses on card advantage and building powerful card formations
  • And the Pebble school focuses on defence by generating shields that will keep your enemies on their heels

Each faction has their own Sage, and each Sage has their own pack of unique Elementals that can help turn the tide of battle. Choose which ones you want to add to your deck carefully – you never know when you might need them.

As the game progresses, spend resources to upgrade your Sage and your creatures to harness special new powers. You will even be able to add new creatures to your deck every turn, spending gold to recruit new creatures from the main deck! Upgrade your deck to its highest potential and become the Master of the Elements!

Command of Nature comes out in June, 2024! Back your copy here!

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