BREAK!! is an upcoming animation inspired TTRPG. Explore a post-apocalyptic world inspired by some of the greatest video games and anime of all time, including The Legend of Zelda and Berserk!

The Outer World is a beautiful and deadly place. In the times before, people built massive cities composed of steel and stone, using incredible magic and technologies to become a superpower. They built incredible machines, performed magical wonders, and created a world filled with hope.

But that world is long dead. New societies have been rebuilt themselves all across the world, but the gravestones of the old world still linger. Colossal war machines are left scattered in pieces across the countryside. Magical corruption spreads like a contagion through fields and forests, eating away at the natural world. But most haunting – the Sun Machine has been damaged. This celestial creation once bathed the whole world in light. Now, it casts a large shadow across half of the land, cloaking it in eternal darkness.

With all of these dangers, there are few who are willing to run out into wilds to discover the truth of what happened to this long forgotten world. Endless dangers wander the world, whether it be man, monster, or machine. Are you willing to take the plunge into the world unknown?

For players, there are eight different class options that you can investigate to find your perfect set of abilities. Pair that up with the eleven different species to explore, and there are endless character generating possibilities! Whether you choose to play as a Raider or a Factotum, there are endless ways to play and customize your character.

For Game Masters, dive into the expansive lore, monsters, and magic items to throw out to your party. Learn more about the numerous islands and nations across the Outer World, and how they all span the four regions: the Wistful Dark, the Twilight Meridian, the Blazing Garden, and the Buried Kingdom! Throw your players into your favourite one and create a campaign that Studio Ghibli could only dream of!

BREAK!! comes out in November, 2023! Back your copy here!

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