Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game is almost here! The most anticipated TTRPG of 2022 finally has a release date. Get ready to hunt down Replicants, fight criminals, and face the moral quandaries of life in this new RPG from Free League.

As mentioned in our previous article about this RPG, Blade Runner will take place in the year 2037. Replicants have just been introduced into the public, becoming forced labour both on Earth and off-world. But some Replicants have deviated from their protocols and escaped. It is your job to hunt these rogue Replicants down and retire them. But as you come face to face with these androids, will you be able to finish the job? Or will you let the go?

The game will be powered by the Year Zero System, Free League’s famous dice system. You will attribute a die to each of your attributes, ranging from a d6 to a d12. Then attribute a dice to each of your skills. With each check, you will roll your accumulated dice, plus whatever other bonuses you have. If you roll 6+ on one of your dice, that is a success. With each die that rolls a 6+, you can perform wilder and wilder actions to achieve your goals.

It is time to enter into the dark world of the cyberpunk noir future. Whether you retire these runaway Replicants is up to you. But do not expect them to go down without a fight.

Physical copies of Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game come out in November 2022, but if you back your copy now, you will get a PDF copy once the Kickstarter ends! Back your copies of the game here!

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