Erebos is at war. The old gods are dead. The Norns are destroyed, pulled from the tethers of fate by the new gods, the Oligarchs. The only remnant of the fates left are the Blackbirds, trying to save the world one thread of fate at a time…

BLACKBIRDS is a upcoming RPG inspired by Europe during the Hundred Years War. You take on the role of a Blackbird, a mortal chosen by destiny to change the world. You can choose from races inspired by Norse myth, including Humans, Aes, Daimn, Jotenkin, or Nephilim! Then choose your Path (class), focusing in any of the following options: Bow and Blade, Charm and Manipulation, Craft and Expertise, Od and Ritual, or Shadow and Subterfuge!

This game is powered by Zweihander: Grim & Perilious RPG. The Zweihander system relies on rolling percentile dice to achieve a outcome. You gain abilities that allow you to reduce the percentile cost of an action, and you have to roll below your percentile score.

The BLACKBIRDS rulebook will cover numerous locations and lore for the Fateweaver (GM) and the players to dive into. Learn more about the continent of Erebos and choose your side in the War of Empty Thrones! Want to start in the corrupt cities of Highsalt or Corbel? Or do you want to dive into the countryside and face off against the worst creatures you have ever imagined? The choice is yours… but make sure to watch your step. You never know what will be squirming beneath your boot.

BLACKBIRDS is projected to come out in July 2022! Pre-order your copy of the game here!

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