The Dark Knight has returned to save Gotham once again! Batman: Gotham City Chronicles has two new releases for 2023: Season 3 of the Gotham City miniatures game, and a brand new roleplaying game. Become the heroes or villains of Gotham as you leave behind a trial of order or madness in your wake.

Season 3 of Gotham City Chronicles throws you into the heart of chaos. Cheshire, Merlyn, and Punchline have taken over the city with two other mystery villains. This leaves only Batman, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Ghostmaker to take on the overrun capital.

Choose up to four players to become the members of the Bat family, and choose one player to become the Villains. Follow each story scenario, and dive deeper into the criminal machinations threatening the city. Will Gotham be saved by the Bat? Or will the city finally fall to ruin?

In Gotham City Chronicles: The Roleplaying Game, become the hero or villain you have always wanted to see in Gotham. Choose your Heroic or Villainous path, mixing in every shade of grey as you would like. Choose your six stats from the Untold Tales Modern system, and build your character for either a one-shot or to be levelled up over multiple sessions. Take to the night and protect or destroy Gotham – the choice is yours.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 3 and RPG comes out in September, 2023. Back your copy here!

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