Ascendancy is an upcoming strategy board game where players will become exiled heirs looking to make their royal claim in a new land. Become a hero and lead your empire into a new golden age, or become a villain as you enact great violence and bloodshed the people. Choose up to four of your friends and dive into this world of intrigue, vice, and adventure!

Players begin by choosing their heir. Each heir has their own powers and vices, so make sure to pick your leader carefully. Each heir will take turns learning more about the world, meeting NPCs, completing quests, fighting monsters, and making their way up the royal hierarchy to become the leader of the new age. Choose your allies carefully and your enemies even more so…

Each heir may choose one of four royal houses to ally themselves with. There is House Valiss (The Green Keepers), the denizens and protectors of the wilds; House Kahnn (The Red Empire), a family of nomadic barbarians who live and die by the blade; House Roberts (The Blue Armada), the scoundrels of the sea who play by no ones rules; and House Raspute (The Purple Underworld), dedicated to learning and commanding the divine arts.

Choose which of these groups you are willing to bend the knee for and destroy their competitors to win the game! Whoever ends the round with the most points wears the crown. But be careful – the crown weighs heavy on those who choose wear it…

Ascendancy comes out in July, 2024! Back your copy here!

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