The end is nigh! Arora: Age of Desolation is a brand new 5e campaign setting by Ghostfire Gaming, the creators of Grimhollow! In this brand new world, explore a vast landscape on the brink of armageddon and fight to save the world!

Arora is a land under siege. The once peaceful Five Realms have now become overgrown and rife with Dragon attacks. These Dragons have become mad with powerful from the influence of the Shardscale. This corrupting influence has warped the world of Arora around it. Whether you are dropped into the lightning deserts of Gallaht, or the volcanic wasteland of Mogsturma, the dangers are the same. If the weather doesn’t kill you, the Dragons will.

With the ever present dangers of Arora, there are some optiona rules you can implement into your game as you wish. You can lean more into gritty survival, new environmental scenarios, a brand new character build system, and some modified rules for the 2d20 Advantage system! This world will be like nothing you have ever explored before.

Arora: Age of Desolation comes out in May, 2023! Back your copy here!

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