The galaxy is yours for the taking! Arcs is an upcoming release by Cole Wehrle, Kyle Ferrin, and Leder Games. Explore planets, battle against other ships, and build a galactic empire to unite the stars!

The old imperium is dying out. You and the other players are the last remaining imperial agents, now responsible for trying to rebuild this fallen empire. With disease and violence overwhelming every planet in the known universe, it is up to you to achieve peace – or is it? Perhaps there is more that you can obtain if you disavow the empire entirely and set out on your own…

There are a number of actions you can perform over the course of your turn. You can travel between planets and zones; build structures on inhabited planets; excavate for resources; fight other players for territories; repair broken units or locations; and much more. Each action has a corresponding card that you can play to your board. Every player gets to play one card per turn, allowing either multiple actions for a low power card, or a single action for a high power card. Whoever has the highest power card at the end of the turn goes first the next round.

Gain the initiative, build your fleet, and take over the galaxy one planet at a time!

Arcs Board Game set-up

Arcs comes out in December 2023! Back your copy here!

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