Unfinity is an upcoming Magic: The Gathering release for Eternal formats, including Commander, Legacy, and Vintage! In this wacky set of sci-fi fun, experience comedic monsters, overzealous spells, and incredible planeswalkers.

Inspired by sci-fi classics such as The Jetsons and The Rocketeer, jump into a carnival of magic and madness as this set introduces multiple rides and games for our amusement! There will be numerous new mechanics introduced into this wild set, including obtaining tickets, completing amusement park games, real-life requirements to gain bonuses, and even copying cards from different game formats.

But this set wouldn’t be complete without some brand new legendary creatures to make up your next deck. Meet a wide cast of silly characters from all across the galaxy, including an dog astronaut and a space mobster! On top of that, we are sure to see some familiar faces on this side of the galaxy. Who knows who we may find…

Unfinity comes out on October 7th, 2022!

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