Ultimate Price FNM October Promo

Trick or treat? It looks like Wizards has a rather spooky and spicy offering coming up for the FNMs during the month of Halloween. Fitting that they should select a black card to promo and what a hot one to boot. Ultimate Price has been a card that been making the rounds during its time in Standard, helping TEN players to Grand Prix titles including Canadians Alex Hayne & Pascal Maynard, Japanese Yuuya Watanabe & Yuuki Ichikawa, Brazilians Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa & Philippe Monlevade, Mexican Marlon Gutierrez, and Americans Brian Braun-Duin, Owen Turtenwald & Kyle Boggemes. Now that’s truly a world class line-up and if they were able to use Ultimate Price to its fullest then certainly it has proven to be a worthy card. Finding it’s way into some top flight decks such as Mono-Black Devotion, Esper Dragons, B/W Control or Abzan Megamorph Control in the past you can be sure to see it continuing to find it’s way into more winning lists before it leaves Standard again. The best part of this card is the creepy art by Scott Murphy who is sure to have many more awesome offerings for us in the future. So good luck on grabbing up one of these, they’re sure to disappear as fast as Shaggy and Scooby after seeing a g-g-g-ghost !!!

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