It is time to dive into the past of Dominaria in The Brothers’ War! Travel back to the legendary battles between the artificer brothers, Urza and Misha, as they clash for arcane power, and awaken the Phyrexians!

Two Thran Powerstones have been discovered – one by Urza and one by Misha. Yet, they each desire both for themselves. The result? A decades long war that led to massive destruction across Dominaria, and a cultural suspicion of mages and artifacts. Choose your side in the conflict: either join in Urza’s artifact warrior alliance, or into Misha’s Phyrexian army!

Players and collectors alike will fall in love with the upcoming commander decks for this set, each one designed around either Urza or Misha! Each of these decks will be made entirely in the retro frame, including the commanders themselves. It’s time to add a whole new legion of cards into our retro collections!

Also included in this set will be special edition retro schematic artworks! See how the powerful artificers designed terrifying creatures and awe-inspiring structures alike. With designs like these, who knows – maybe you can design your own.

The Brothers’ War comes out on November 18th, 2022!

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