Serum Visions FNM August artwork

Another awesome FNM promo, after our last announcement for the September’s FNM promo Path to Exile. Serum Visions FNM promo will be a nice Modern reprint, even though dealers might be sad to see the value of the card go down, it’s not true, every single Serum Visions that Three Kings Loot adds to inventory gets bought out right away. All this means the demand is high and with more reprints of the Serum Visions FNM the demand will grow. It’s a bit like Modern Masters 2015, the most played cards in that set’s demand will just go up as more people have access to those cards then more people will want to play by completing there sets for example. Nice one! Wizards with sweet new artwork for Serum visions FNM promo.

Serum Visions FNM August promo