Path to exile - July FMN Promo artwork

Path to Exile FNM promo July 2015

It is very exciting to hear that Wizards of the Coast will be printing a Path to Exile FNM promo for July. It is true that Path was already a WPN promo, but still this means that we can expect more of these Modern promos as well as other formats. I am sure that we will be seeing Commander and Legacy promos soon enough. The game is healthy and although these reprints will bring down there prices, it won’t be long till they go back up seeing it is a good format. Path to Exile FNM promo will flood the market there is no doubt about that, but I am usually complaining about the quality of cards picked for FNM promos. For this instance I will say to WoTC good move.


Path to exile - July FMN Promo