Hordeling Outburst FNM promo March 2015

Hordeling outburst FNM promo looks great. This is the version you want to get, the original artwork were scarcer from Ugin’s Fate promo packs and weren’t foils. This is a goblin card i’d like to see play, could be in a token deck with Ponyback Brigades. The newest Mardu Alesha, Who Smiles at Death from Fate Reforged works well with the Brigade and Goblin Rabblemaster. We got some of the pieces to start a Mardu token deck right there, what’s the endgame though? I’ve gone off topic… So far I haven’t had any use for Hordeling Outburst other than in Limited Format. I hope this changes so we don’t end up with another sub par FNM promo.

Hordeling Outburst FNM March artwork - CopyHordeling Outburst FNM March - Copy