Theros’ Hero cards can be used along with the BNG ones (the limit for 3 Hero cards remains)
The Horde has no life. Instead, for each 1 damage you put one card from the Horde’s deck into the graveyard.
You win when the Horde has no cards left in the deck + it has no creatures on the battlefield

10 Minotaur Goreseeker
15 Minotaur Younghorn
4 Mogis’s Chosen
10 Phoberos Reaver
4 Reckless Minotaur
2 Consuming Rage
2 Descend on the Prey
2 Intervention of Keranos
2 Touch of the Horned God
2 Unquenchable Fury
1 Altar of Mogis
1 Massacre Totem
2 Plundered Statue
2 Refreshing Elixir
1 Vitality Salve

Altar of Mogis Consuming Rage Descend on the Prey Intervention of Keranos Massacre Totem Touch of the Horned GodVitality SalveRefreshing ElixirUnquenchable FuryPlundered StatueMinotaur Goreseeker Minotaur Younghorn Mogis's Chosen Phoberos Reaver  Reckless Minotaur