Elspeth, Sun's Champion

UW Control – UW Planeswalker Control

Stanislav Cifka

Grand Prix Vienna – Top 8

Lands (27)

Creatures (0)

Other Spells (26)

Planeswalkers (7)


I have to admire this very traditional feeling UW Control deck.  While technically creature-less it does use Elspeth as a primary win condition with Mutavault as backup.  The permission comes in the form of Dissolve, which works with the Temples to provide some dig with Scry, and Essence Scatter to fight off troublesome creatures.  The deck then boasts a rather robust amount of removal starting with Supreme Verdict to sweep away aggro swarms, Detention Sphere is very versatile in controlling all other threats, and Last Breath is the spot removal that can handle most of the threats in standard currently.  Azorius Charm is a useful with all it different modes either as another spot removal, to cycle for another draw or as a way to gain some quick life.  The deck is topped off with Sphinx’s Revelation which is without a doubt one of the keys to the success of the UWx Control strategies.  This list of Cifkas also included a very interesting sideboarding plan with Archangel and Fiendslayer capitalizing on a lifegain theme to build on a heavy creature package that’s brought in to combat the red decks.