Blood Baron of Vizkopa
Orzhov Control – Black Control splashing white
Andreas Ganz (12th, 12-3, Black Control splashing white)
Grand Prix Vienna – Top 16
Lands (25)

Creatures (13)

Other spells (22)

Here we have an interesting control deck with lots of hand disruption, seven in the main with Sin Collector and possibly three more post Sideboard. Giving you plenty of useful information on your opponents, allowing you to plan out your winning strategy as you chip away his hand. This deck has a very strong removal suite with twelve total in the main, most of the time you already know what your opponents will be summoning so your answers are in hand. Orzhov Control is mostly black with a splash of white for Blood Baron of Vizkopa and Sin Collector less aggressive than its cousin Mono-Black Devotion. Blood Baron seems to be largely a meta call against a field of  White weenie (Boros) and Mono-Black Devotion, while Sin Collector is another Duress on a stick. The Pack Rat has turned out to be quite a bomb in this season, otherwise it was just bane in Return To Ravnica Limited. The rats allow you to build an army very quickly with the help of Mutavault to pump them even more. Overall this looks like a solid deck that I’d Like to sleeve up and test it out versus Mono-Blue Devotion. Anyone had a running or tried out this deck please leave us some comments.