Max Brown
1st Place at StarCityGames Invitational on 12/14/2013
Lands (20)

Creatures (1)

Planeswaker (1)

Other Spells (38)


While Max did ride the power of his Standard deck through the top 8 there was still eight of sixteen rounds in the swiss of Legacy where he was able to pilot this list to an 6-0-2 record, the two draws intentional the last two rounds. The deck operates on a powerful engine which consists of using Show and Telll or Dream Halls to cheat out an Omniscience. Once the Omniscience is in play if you already have Emrakul in hand then you can cast it for free which will net you the extra turn and most often draw a concession on the spot. Otherwise the deck also plays to cast Enter the Infinite free which gives you access to your entire deck to then complete your combo win with definitive counterspell backup. A key cog in the engine comes from Burning Wish which has access to combo pieces Show and Tell or Enter the Infinite to help get it going. The wishboard also can get Time of Need to search for an Emrakul win, Spiraling Embers after Enter the Infinite for an blast to the dome, or answers to permanent roadblocks through Eye of Nowhere, Pyroclasm or Tremor. The deck uses Brainstorm, Ponder, Gitaxian Probe and Jace to help dig through the deck to assemble the combo as quickly as possible. Then it is backed up by Force of Will, Daze and Pact of Negation to ensure your opponent isn’t able to thwart your plan. Fast mana sources from Lotus Petal, Ancient Tomb and CCity of Traitors allows the possibility of a turn one combo kill with a surprise Show and Tell. The Omni-Tell deck is a true powerhouse and showcases exactly how legacy can exploit card interactions to create these incredible combo masterpieces.