Mono-Blue Devotion
Tyler Wilkerson
1st Place at Star City Games Orlando Standard Open on 01/11/2014

Lands (25)

Creatures (28)

Planeswalkers (2)

Spells (5)


And again we find that devotion is such a powerful strategy in the current Standard meta.  While we wait for some new power players to emerge with the release of Born of the Gods we still have three more weekends to go before they will be working to forge a new face of Standard.

This deck is aggro through and through but uses Thassa, her Bident and Jace to help the deck keep the pedal to the metal.  It all starts curving out smoothly through the one drops with Cloudfin Raptor and Judge’s Familiar.  Then we move through the two drops from Frostburn Weird and Tidebinder Mage into three drops Nightveil Specter and Thassa herself.  That all works to push out max devotion to drop Master of Waves.  There is just a tiny bid of support in one-ofs from Domestication, Cyclonic Rift and Rapid Hybridization.  All together the deck is able to pack a formidable punch that shows why it has been so dominant the last few months.

Eric J Seltzer
@ejseltzer on Twitter