Tasha, the Witch Queen is a force to be reckoned with. Gonti, Lord of Luxury players looking  for a new spin are going to have huge heart eyes for the new Planeswalker Commander  available from the Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate set.

Tasha rewards you for playing cards you don’t own, making you 3/3 little Demons to protect  her or smack players on her behalf. She also draws you cards not just from your library, but  “draws” instants and sorceries from your opponents’ graveyards. Of course, the -3 ability limits  the use of spells exiled with Tasha to once a turn if you’ve got the loyalty counters.

Having Tasha, the Witch Queen in the command zone tells all of your opponents that you’re looking to play with their cards. Get ready for your opponents to expect some Bribery effects and to do their best for you to not have them.

Here comes a top five of cards I really like for this deck.

Thief of Sanity  

Finally, a home for Thief of Sanity! Not only does the thief give you something to cast that doesn’t belong to you, but it also allows you to put cards into your opponents’ graveyards. Hit your opponent with Thief of Sanity, look at their top three cards.

Well, would you look at that? It’s a bomb artifact, an instant, and a land! Tuck the artifact under the Thief, use Tasha’s +1 ability to  take the instant, and your opponent’s going to miss a land drop!

Let’s be honest – your opponents will do anything to keep this Specter off the battlefield, so be sure to pack some Lazotep Plating of suit this up with Lightning Greaves. Spectre tribal can be a really fun direction for this deck!

Siphon Insight

For two mana at instant speed with a Flashback cost of 1UB, Siphon Insight is a snap inclusion in this Tasha deck. You can snag a land and make a land drop. While that won’t make you a Demon with Tasha, it will at least allow you to play some more things you’ve got up your sleeve or it’ll allow you to flash this back sooner to snag another land or a late game bomb. Pop this under an Isochron Scepter and have a snatching time every turn.

Predators’ Hour  

Give your Demons Menace and toss them into the red zone after windmill slamming an underrated gem in Predators’ Hour. With a Blue-Black shell, you’re certain to have some ways to give your spells Flash, which makes this an even bigger blowout. Predator’s Hour is going to “draw” you an incredible amount of your opponents’ cards. Oona, Queen of the Fae can make you a ton of Faeries while eating away at your opponents’ libraries. Is there is a player whose deck you don’t care to steal from because they are irrelevant to your path to victory? Activate Oona for a ton of Faeries, then the next turn, it’s yours at the tick of the clock.  It’s Predators’ Hour, baby!

Cunning Rhetoric  

A little rattlesnake Ghostly Prison type effect to keep your Tasha safe, or to get a little extra spice from the top of your opponents’ libraries. Your opponent swings in with a creature, you get an instant from the top of their library, play it, and get a lil’ Demon blocker. This keeps them from playing into your plan. It’s a really good card that you’d need to see to believe.

Thieving Amalgam

I have loved this card since it was spoiled in the Kadena, Slinking Sorcerer deck. You get a blocker at the beginning of each of your opponents’ upkeeps and if it’s a creature, you get to flip it up and surprise them. Yes, this isn’t Primordial Mist where you can cast stuff by exiling your manifested stuff. The spiciest parts of most creatures these days are in their ETB effects… but your opponents won’t want to swing at you if it means getting drained for 2 and finding out that their win-con is what did them in.

Honorable Mentions  

I’m not going to talk about them much, but here are a few honourable mentions. Some were even featured in the latest Game Knights (like Cunning Rhetoric), so you can see them in action.

Thieving Skydiver – Steal an opponent’s Sol Ring! (Thanks Game Knights!)

Hostage Taker – Steal an opponent’s Sol Ring or Ragavan!

Gonti, Lord of Luxury – If you like this play-style, I would be shocked if you didn’t already love Gonti.

Breathstealer Dragon – This is a new card from a precon that is a bonkers finisher.

Ashiok, Nightmare Muse – This ultimate can be an absolute blowout! Arvinox, the Mind Flail aka Mind Flayer, the Shadow – Watch this value train on Game Knights.


Draugr Necromancer – Incidental graveyard hate that lets you cast the creatures it exiles while mana fixing if you’ve got the snow lands to cast them.

Rogue Class – This is a permanent build-your-own Predators’ Hour with more steps but a lot of fun when it gets going.

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