Welcome to the new world! Enter the madness and heroics of Voidheart Symphony, where you are fighting against a city at odds with itself. Where activism meets Roadside Picnic and Lovecraft, become a defender of your city’s psyche while investigating strange occurrences.

Inspired by works such as Psychonauts and Inception, you will delve deeper and deeper into a monsterous landscape of the Castle. Fight against the systems of oppression and violence set deep into the physical and psychological world of your city,

You play as a Rebel, able to jump into the role of seven different playbooks to fight against the dark side of the city. Become a leader of a group as an Authority, an celebrity sensation as an Icon, a monster as an Inhuman, and so much more!

Your choices in game will help you create your Covenants, each styled after cards from the major arcana of tarot. Your Covenants are connections you make in the city to help fight against the darkness of the city.

Also, just check out this artwork!

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