Pokemon World may be a place of adventure, great friends, and… well, Pokemon – but it is also a place of infinite dangers. Evil hides behind every corner, ready to strike down on any enterprising young Trainer looking to make their name in the world.

So let’s look at the greatest dangers you will be facing as you journey out into Pokemon World, shall we?

Most Likely To Stay Friends After High School – Team Rocket

Team Rocket might be real suspect in their dark dealings, but there is one thing for certain… you can’t take away the fact they are definitely the best friends you could ever ask for.

Sure, they work for an evil mob king known as ‘The Boss’, but does that really counteract their clear affection for one another?

They’re wearing matching uniforms and have practiced their battle ready pose for goodness sake. This is a friendship for the ages to come, even after the Boss fires them for ineptitude.

Maybe they could get a different job with matching uniforms. Maybe Ben & Jerry’s is hiring?

Most Likely To Do Something Because You Said Not To – Rival

There is nothing more sad than a bad guy who worries about what his opponent thinks of him. When you have unintentional control of everything that your opponent does just because you give him attention… well, you know that kid had a rough upbringing somewhere.

Your Rival throughout the games have seen multiple iterations, but  every one of them has had one constant character trait – obsession. Your Rival secretly follows you everywhere, then jumps you suddenly while you are walking through tall grass just to fight you. Stalker much?

I mean, you get to name your Rival, and they listen to you. How pathetic is that?

Most Likely To Be Pokemon’s Next BBEG – Snorlax

Look – I know Snorlax is cute. He looks like a big ole Pokemon that would be a great cuddler. I get it.

But Snorlax is a master of disguise. He plays the part of a gentle giant, but instead is preparing to destroy the Pokemon World.

How do I know this? How can I dare say such a dramatic thing about a gentle creature?

Well… the answer is simple.

Snorlax is trying to cripple the infrastructure of Pokemon World by falling asleep on roads.

Think about it – a big sleeping Pokemon falls asleep on a main road, and no one can get through. Suddenly trade agreements are destroyed because trade between cities becomes impossible. Thousands of workers lose their jobs because the things they are building stop being shipped. Riots spark in the streets as the economy fails, leading to anarchy.

You might say it’s a coincidence, but I say no! Who falls asleep on a road? Especially a wild creature?


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