Time Spiral Remastered is just on the horizon. With the return of some old favourites, there is plenty of value to be gained.

Like the last Time Spiral set, these card reprints will have original Magic border art. This retro art work will impress both veterans and newcomers to the game. These reprints will also offer a chance for low budget players to get their hands on some copies of powerful cards, like Damnation.

We are also going to have the release of Lotus Bloom, the newest card in the Lotus series! This card will be a powerful addition to the meta, offering a three round countdown to three additional land on your side of the board. Even more impressive is it’s lack of Legendary feature, letting you net four copies into your deck if you so desire. Whether you put this card in your main deck or side board, Lotus Bloom is going to have an interesting impact on the meta.

time spiral remastered

Time Spiral Time Spiral


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