Prerelease Events: September 21-22, 2013

Choose your Path (and get a Prerelease Pack):

Path Theros Prerelease

Here are the contents of each pack:

Path of Honor: White – The Protector – Celestial Archon

The Protector Hero CardCelestial Archon  Prerelease Promo

Path of Wisdom: Blue – The Philosopher – Shipbreaker Kraken

The Philosopher Hero CardShipbreaker Kraken Prerelease Promo

Path of Ambition: Black – The Avenger – Abhorrent Overlord

The Avenger Hero CardAbhorrent Overlord Prerelease Promo

Path of Battle: Red – The Warrior – Ember Swallower

The Warrior Hero CardEmber Swallower Hero Card

Path of Might: Green – The Hunter – Anthousa, Setessan Hero

The Hunter Hero CardAnthousa Setessan Hero Prerelease Promo

The contents of each Prerelease Pack:

5 Theros booster packs
1 seeded booster pack
1 promo card
1 Choose Your Path activity card
1 Spindown life counter
1 Hero’s Path Welcome Letter
1 Hero card

Hero Cards are designed for use at the Theros Game Day event (October 19–20, 2013), and you get a different Hero Card if you go to the Theros Release Weekend event (the weekend after the Prerelease) and yet another one at Theros Game Day.

Hero card back