The War for Rayuba has been long and bloody. Heroes from all sides have made their mark on the world. The bards sing tales of all their exploits – adventures and tragedies alike. But the war is far from over – will you join in the muck and ruin in order to save your land from evil?

The War of Rayuba is fought with comics. Each team is able to try and claim a square on the battlefield. Depending on the square, you may find some magical items to fight over…

If both sides attempt to claim the same square, then a fight commences!

How to Play

A comic creator from each side will write up a comic. A comic must show how your character wins the fight against the other player. No character dies permanently in these fights, but instead retreats from the square to fight another day.

The two comics will be submitted to a small board of judges. They each rate the comics based on the characters abilities, interesting story beats, and overall combat itself. While some points are given to art style and aesthetics, this is not the main point of the battle – anyone can apply to the fight, even if it is just stick figures fighting it out.

Once the winner is chosen, the square goes to their team! Continue your fight to claim all of Rayuba!

How to Join

To join the ranks of warriors, you will need to build a character. The character can have any powers or abilities you wish, but do keep in mind that any overpowered, insta-kill powers will inevitably fail when faced with the judges.

Join the discord, submit your character to the roll-call section, create some character art, pick a side, then boom – you are good to go! You can even have multiple characters in play if you so desire, but you must go through the same submission process each time for each new character.

Get your boots on the ground and join in the war here!

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