Welcome back to the Dating Game! You must be looking for a new Planeswalker to add to your main deck. Have no fear – we are here to help make sure you find your perfect fit.

Your compatibility with any of our contestants will depend on your strategy and colour devotion. Some Planeswalkers are happy to have multiple colours, others aren’t so accommodating.

Ready to meet our contestants?


Our first contestant is a tinkerer at heart. She burns bright, but be careful not to stare or you may go blind.

Being the intelligent crafter she is, Chandra is known for her sudden wit – and ability to deal damage to your opponent’s face without much fuss. She is a bit of firebug (if you haven’t noticed from the burning hair), so just keep dealing damage and Chandra will happily pull out the big guns after some time has passed. Unsurprisingly, Chandra is an exclusively red based Planeswalker, so be careful if you are planning to put her into a multi-colour deck. For all her craftiness, she has no use for water or earth.



Our second contestant is known as Daddy Time himself. He has lived thousands of years as thousands of men – one of which with a daughter. But don’t let that dissuade you. Teferi is a family man and an adventurer.

Teferi focuses a lot in spellcasting and telling the future. Allow Teferi some time to charge up by drawing from your deck and discarding. Do enough of that and you will be able to double your turn potential. Like Chandra, Teferi is a blue devoted man, so keep this in mind for when you decide to pull this guy into your deck.



Our next contestant has a love for alchemy, the occult, and… resurrection? Well, kind of, I suppose.

Liliana is a black-mana devoted Planeswalker, and all her abilities are based on such. She is always happy to drain your opponent’s life for the sake of her precious undead. Let her flex her undead summoning muscles and you will be able to resummon your zombies from the graveyard. Or board wipe all non-Zombies. Or boost your swamp mana. There are so many things that Liliana can do because of her various card forms. The only challenge you have to be worried about is impressing her family – both living and dead.


Basri Ket

Our next contestant is a goodie two shoes if you have ever met one. However, don’t say he isn’t popular – he has nothing if not friends.

Basri Ket is a white devoted Planeswalker who knows the key to having a good time is the people you surround yourself with. He is an endless source of soldiers for your disposal. Keep spawning more and more of his friends and suddenly they will start showing up by themselves! Just be careful he doesn’t get hit too quickly. Otherwise, it will just be a party of you and you alone.


Ah, so you have a thing for burly himbos. I understand.

Our final contestant loves spending time in nature and camping. He spends a lot of time with animals and creatures, big and small, and loves to charge in swinging.

If any of these qualities speak to you, perhaps you should give Garruk a try. As with all of the Planeswalkers above, Garruk has multiple iterations, mostly devoted to green or green/black decks. If you give him chances to untap your lands and summon other creatures to the board, he will happily boost your creatures with some really nasty bonuses.

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