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Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - November 25, 2013

Deck of the Day: Naya Aggro ( Grand Prix Albuquerque Standard Top 8 )

Fleecemane Lion
Naya Aggro
Andrew Hanson
Grand Prix Albuquerque – Top 8 Standard
Lands (24)
Other spells (16)
Planeswalkers (3)


Now here’s a pretty wild looking deck.  With a very strong curve of Soldier into Voice into Reckoner into Advent it has some serious beef out of the gate.  Backed up with Satyr and Fleecemane with an Ooze for utility it has a very aggressive creature package.  Using Chandra as a source of card advantage it also helps to slip by any nuisance blockers.  Finally it is rounded out with a removal package of Chained to the Rocks & Lightning Strike, which doubles as reach to hit the dome, and Mizzium as a sweeper.  The Charm is there for some real utility that can either push through some lethal damage with trample or surprise an alpha strike with a knight…but most important may be the exile mode as a way to deal with pesky Gods.

Eric Jeffrey Seltzer - November 25, 2013

Champion’s deck – Mono-black Devotion Owen Turtenwald (1st Place G...

Pack Rat
Mono black Devotion
Owen Turtenwald
Grand Prix Albuquerque – Top 8 Standard
Lands (26)
Creatures (17)
Other spells (17)
Sideboard (15)

WOW !!!  A huge congrats to Owen T with his back to back GP titles in two wildly different formats.  This deck that he used to win the Standard GP was a real beaut to watch him pilot.  The true MVP of this deck is a card that most held as an overpowered limited card, but not a huge constructed powerhouse.  Owen showed how crazy Pack Rat can really play.  A typical opening of turn one Thoughtseize into turn two Pack Rat often meant you were going to face down a plethora of rats in the next few turns, and activating Mutavaults buffs them as they are also rats.  Not that this was the only line of play as turn three would often see Specter, turn four Demon and then turn five could have a potential 8 devotion Gray Merchant.  And the one of Erebos is good for some card advantage but amazing at stopping opponents from regaining lost life, especially in the mirror match from their Gray Merchants.  A full set of Underworld Connections makes sure that there is a steady stream of cards flowing to your hands at the cost of some minimal life points.  The rest of the deck is a very powerful removal suite with Hero’s Downfall, Devour Flesh, Doom Blade and Ultimate Price to ensure there isn’t heavy resistance against your heavy beaters.