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Three Kings Loot - January 15, 2014

Born of the Gods – Aerie Worshippers, Champion of Stray Souls, D...

Aerie Worshippers

Aerie Worshippers – while an interesting effect on a decent defensive body her cost is very undesirable and the amount of mana you tie up to conjure her birds could likely be better used elsewhere.

Champion of Stray Souls

Champion of Stray Souls – there is no doubt in my mind that there isn’t a way to chain two of these with creatures that produce mana either on the way in or out and something granting haste to infini-loop for some crazy shenanigans. But, that would hardly be something powerful enough for competitive constructed given so many moving parts. Likely to see play as a value creature sacing tokens to recur creatures that have enter/leave play triggers or strong sacrifice abilities. Just way to expensive for much other then Commander.

Drown in Sorrow

Drown in Sorrow – could this be the tool that Blue-Black Control decks have been looking for to combat fast aggro decks? While -2/-2 may not seem like a huge hit it is usually pretty much what you’d need to sweep away a quick swarm and then spot removal could take care of the rest.

Ephara’s Enlightenment

Ephara’s Enlightenment – a little expensive with a converted mana cost at 3 for just +1/+1 and Flying the interesting factor of the card is that you can return it to your hand whenever you have a creature enter play on your side and the +1/+1 stays behind on the original creature as counter. At that cost though it is a very slow way to work on boosting the power of your team and in colors usually looking to play a control game not aggro.

Fanatic of Xenagos

Fanatic of Xenagos – paying 3 for a 3/3 Trample would be enough for me to be head over heels with him but then we tack on the tribute ability. While our opponent will get to choose the lesser of two evils both of those evils are rather nasty. So we either end up with that 3/3 Trample but that turn he hits play he’s a hasty 4/4 OR he just sticks around as that 4/4 Trample !!! Now where exactly is the downside from this situation?

Forlorn Pseudamma

Forlorn Pseudamma – another of the cycle of Inspired token generator, this one is made ever so slightly better in that it comes with Intimidate which gives you more chance to be able and safely attack with him. The real issue I have is with the cost not looking that attractive for the effect.

God-Favored General

God-Favored General – the main upside with him is you’re able to curve him out turn two then as long as you hit land drops your first three turns and can attack safely with a 1/1 then you’ll be able to trigger his Inspired ability and gain an additional two creatures. The downside is that all the effort goes into getting three 1/1s out by turn four for five mana…hopefully you have something to boost them up for value.

Pheres-Band Raiders

Pheres-Band Raiders – without a doubt the green creature from this cycle was going to be a big beefy beast which you’d have no issue sending into the red zone thus not needing to this of other ways to trigger his Inspired ability, but at six mana for a 5/5 otherwise vanilla is he good enough? Sure 3/3s are pretty decent to be popping out at 3 mana each but something makes me feel like there’s so many better ways to spend your mana.

Satyr Nyx-Smith

Satyr Nyx-Smith – my aggro tendencies notwithstanding I think this is my favorite from the cycle to possibly find constructed play. My only concern is with a mere 2 power on the creature and if it was a 3/1 Haste like the tokens it makes then it would certainly be a in line to take a spot in aggresive red decks.


Tromokratis – Call the Kraken !!!  Here it is, a legendary kraken. This humongous sea monster has some pretty interesting abilities. The first I find is largely ineffectual which grants him Hexproof unless he is attacking or blocking, but if you have spot removal for him there’s a good chance it’s an instant so once he attacks blammo. It’s the second ability that I much prefer where if you are either able to tap one of your opponents creatures or make the kraken fly you can basically make him unblockable. Or combo with a Bow of Nylea and you can probably take down entire armies with this monstrosity of the sea.