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Tyson Fraleigh - June 30, 2022

BATMAN: The Arkham Asylum Files!

It’s time to deal out justice in Gotham! BATMAN: The Arkham Asylum Files is a group mystery game where you use real physical clues to investigate a mystery plaguing the city of sin. Become the world’s greatest detective with five of your friends, and figure out who is to blame for the madness taking over your city.

There are a total of three mysteries that will be part of the Asylum Files game release: Panic in Gotham City, Twisted Skies, and The Eyes of Gotham City. Each mystery will have different clue pieces to discover and different villains to pursue. Use your deductive abilities to figure out who is responsible for each heinous act.

Each mystery will also have its own special board. Different sections of the city will be investigated, meaning you will not tread in the same borough twice!

Still not enough for you? Then make sure to download the Arkham Asylum Files ARG app to give your game a bigger pop. Each clue for the mystery has a secret ARG aspect, allowing you to see directly how your discovery has moved you closer to the truth. Use all aspects of the game to help solve the mystery and take back Gotham!

BATMAN: The Arkham Asylum Files comes out in December 2022! Back your copy here!

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