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A new set means new promos, and there are some exciting-looking ones this time around! Let’s take a look at the Shadows over Innistrad Promos!

Shadows over Innistrad Release Promo


Angels are sweet, and eight-drop angels with incredibly-powerful abilities seem tailor-made for limited and EDH. You know what else is great for EDH? Awesome promo foils. Make sure to get one at your pre-release for your Mael deck.

Shadows over Innistrad Buy-a-Box Promo


I actually prefer the regular art flavour-wise, but a foil double-sided card seems sweet, and this art is certainly much more aggressive-looking.

Intro Decks Promos

Intro packs Shadows Over Innistrad promos

Drogskol-Cavalry-Shadows-over-Innistrad-Spoiler Nephalia-Moondrakes-Shadows-over-Innistrad-SpoilerMarkov-Dreadknight-Promo-Shadows-over-Innistrad-SpoilerFlameblade-Angel-PromoSoul-Swallower-Promo
Most of these seem like limited bombs and nothing else, but keep an eye on Soul Swallower. Four mana for a 6/6 trampler is nothing to sneeze at, and this guy does demand an answer if you have your graveyard set-up. Picking up a few intro packs to foil out your swallowers doesn’t seem like a bad idea, given the power level.


Shadows Over Innistrad Gift Box Promo


The alternate art is sweet, and two-mana madness enablers are always keeping an eye on.

Game Day Promos


Speaking of Madness cards, hello friends! Attacking for 7 on turn three seems like something I want to do, and even if the bloodseeker turns back into a 1/3 you still have your 4/3. Also, look how cool this art is. At the very least, you can give these out as passive-aggressive gifts to your local rowdy youngsters.

Game Day Top 8 Promo


Incredible art + incredible card = make sure you top 8 your Game Day. Saving one mana off of Utter End is huge, and this card will definitely see play in most decks that can cast it.

Game Day Champions Playmat

Shadows Over Innistrad promos Game Day

Avacyn just doesn’t seem like she’s having the greatest day here, does she? This mat looks sweet, and is yet another reason to make sure you’re at your local Game Day.