Pokémon Rebel Clash Prerelease

Pokémon Rebel Clash prerelease

Hey Trainers, Thee Kings Loot is inviting you to a prerelease at-home. Hosted by our Pokémon League Professor David-GX, through our Discord server. The Pokémon Rebel Clash Prerelease will be on Saturday, April 25th at Noon­ Eastern Standard time. David may do a follow-up prerelease the next day on Sunday, April 26th at Noon E.S.T. The idea is to have fun cracking packs of the new sets, trading, and slinging some cardboard. Join our Discord server.

Unveiling a prerelease kit

David-Gx made a video unveiling a Prerelease kit using his cellphone camera. We can get a clear video with most modern smartphones these days, so let’s play some Pokémon.


Do-it-yourself camera stand

There are a few ways you can place your phone camera to capture the playing field. Here is a cool Do-it-yourself cellphone stand using Magic the Gathering Bundles/Fatpacks, but you can use a Pokémon Elite Trainer Box. Players can use this stand to play their prerelease at-home with other players online. We can’t promise a perfect experience, but it’s a way to play paper Magic during social distancing. Our in-store weekly events are Tuesday Pokémon League Standard tournament at 6:30 pm and Saturday Pokémon Club Standard at Noon.

Here is a 3D model version of the DIY Phone holder. Shout out to Team Bazaar of Magic from Europe for sharing this.

UPDATE: Post Prerelease

Our Rebel Clash prerelease online using Discord was a success. We will be hosting Tuesday night 6:30 pm Standard’s on Discord using Pokemon TCGO. Thank you, everyone, who participates or is watching, we know it’s not possible for everyone, whether you are new to the game or you are still upgrading your online setups. All Pokémon fans are welcome, Tuesday games are Free to play with prizes given out randomly to participants. 

Congratulations Emmanuel Ouellet for winning our Random prize, the Tag Team Premium Collector box. All participants received 9 Rebel Clash Pokémon TCGO codes. Players had fun and the event ran super smoothly thanks to our amazing host Professor Bamboo.  

Check out Professor Bamboo’s Rebel Clash set review, sharing with us his first impressions and some card interactions.

Get your Pokémon Rebel Clash Prerelease at-home kit

Pokémon Rebel Clash Prerelease kit + 3 boosters
Prerelease kits + 3 Boosters for 24.99$

Rebel Clash prerelease kits available on our website. One kit and three boosters for 24.99$. We ship on the same day orders made before 2 pm.

Pokémon Rebel Clash Sealed products and singles

Pokémon Rebel Clash Sealed products and singles

Rebel Clash Boosters ships on April 27th // Elite Trainer Box Ship on May 1st

Rebel Clash Boosters ship April 27th

Pokémon Rebel Clash Products and singles are available for preorders from our website. Booster boxes will be shipped on the 27th of April. Canadian packages usually take 1 – 2 days for 10$. Montreal is the next day for orders before 3 pm.