Modern Horizons is returning in June! Modern Horizons 2 will be bringing some brand new cards to the Modern and Eternal format, skipping right over Standard entirely.

If it’s skipping Standard, what should you expect? None of these cards will be legal Standard games but it will have some very interesting cards. With a much more liberal power level in the Modern and Eternal formats, these cards are going to do a lot.

What should we expect? While we don’t have spoilers as of yet, we do have the cards from the past Modern Horizons set to consider.

Based on Modern Horizons, we saw a lot of cards with Protection. These Protection cards can really clinch game depending on what your opponents are playing. This is especially true for red and black. Without spot removal, red and black decks become nearly useless.

There was also a lot of toughness/power buffs or banes. This could be a great help removal or a great power gain over time. Add all the boost artifact cards in the set like Sword of Sinew and Steel, you never know what you will be facing.

Over all, Modern Horizons showed how heavy the Modern format could swing. You are going to get even bigger creatures on the field who can hit harder, take bigger hits – a no-holds barred, all out fight to the end. Modern Horizons 2 is sure to do this again, hopefully with some new mechanics to introduce.

Who knows – if there is a Protection mechanic, maybe a Critical mechanic?

Modern Horizons 2 comes out June 11th!

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