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WOTC is introducing a new card frame starting with the M15 Core set. There will be 5 new distinct changes on each card.

  1. The font
  2. The holofoil stamp only featured on rares and mythic rares
  3. The collector info
  4. Decreased border size
  5. The designer credit on some cards throughout the M15 core set

Waste Not

Waste Not is the “finished product” created from the readership of DailyMTG.com who voted on a series of options that led to the creation of this black enchantment based on the submission of @themlsna.

At first glance we notice the cards low casting cost of 1B which is allow you to deploy it fast. Secondly it has 3 different effects all related to the opponent(s) discarding a card, therefore it is optimal in a deck that uses a lot of disruption and discard cards such as DuressThoughtseize and Sin Collector. It might find a home in this summer’s standard metagame in some Orzhov, Dimir or Esper control brew. The current Mono Black devotion decklists uses a set of Thoughtseize but that’s hardly enough to take advantage of Waste Not. Modern brews that use disruption paired up with cards like Liliana’s Caress and Megrim might find a good use for it. I’m certain a casual or even some commander decks will cram it in as well.

When we break down the three effects, we get a mix of card advantage or sometimes ramp for black. The first one gives you 2/2 Zombie tokens as chump blockers to slow down the oncoming beats, then late game it gives you attackers or an army if you have multiples of the enchantment. The second is ramp for black, but will almost only happen when an opponent randomly discards a land. Only a deck using Mind Twist and Hymn to Tourach could really make use of the second ability. The third gives you card advantage whenever the opponent discards a non-creature, non-land card which is the best of the three abilities for control. By drawing cards you will therefore get more answers and disruption, henceforth getting you more effects from Waste Not. Now that’s what control really likes. Start brewing!


The Bag of Loots new writer Gerald Knight shares his thoughts on the new preview card…

Waste Not, the new card previewed by the mothership is coming to us in the next Core set.  That’s M15, which is still 7 months away.  The card itself was the product of the Magic Community as a whole designing a card step by step through a voting process.  First it was decided that the card would be Black, then it was decided that it would be an enchantment, and finally submissions were received about what the card was going to do and then voted on by the public.

 I for one can say that I am impressed with the choice and design of the card, but then again I love Black and the discard “mechanic”.  Being rewarded for your opponent discarding cards hasn’t been too profitable since Liliana’s Caress or Megrim were in standard.  The closer of the two will have been four years before this card is released.  And there is nothing bad about it.

Free Zombies if they discard a creature, free mana if they discard a land, and free card draw for anything else.  I can see this card going somewhere.  This card also makes me wonder if we are going to see more discard effects printed in the new Core Set aside from your regular Mind Rot and Duress.

Congratulations MTG Community, I think you scored a 10/10 on this one.

Wall of Fire

Classic defender Wall of Fire showcasing the new card frame.