Khans of Tarkir Tokens


Morph token

Morph token - khans of tarkir tokens


You slide this token over a face-down card to remind everyone what the card represents.


Tokens with there associated card

We added the cards associated with the tokens, at least all the ones that were previewed so far.


Bear Token - khans of tarkir tokensBear's Companion

Bird tokenWingmate Roc

Emblem - SarkhanSarkhan the Dragonspeaker

Emblem - SorinVampire TokenSorin, Solemn Visitor

Goblin TokenMardu AscendancyGoblinslideHordeling OutburstPonyback brigade

Snake TokenHooded Hydrarite of the serpent

Spirit TokenAbzan Ascendancy

Spirit Warrior tokenkin-tree invocation

Warrior TokenHerald of Anafenzatake up arms

Warrior Token 2Mardu Charmmardu hordechief

Zombie TokenSidisi, Brood TyrantEmpty the Pits