Khans of Tarkir art

Wizards of the Coast design concepts for Khans of Tarkir art from the Khans of Tarkir world-building panel at PAX Prime.

These are the panels from concept design they were using to introduce the clans, however for more Khans of Tarkir spoilers and artwork click here. We will add more previews and pics from PAX Prime in this article

Abzan Houses

Abzan Houses Khans of Tarkir art Abzan Houses warriors Abzan Houses Aven Abzan Houses Orc Abzan Houses Fortifications Abzan Houses warbeasts



Jeskai Way


Jeskai Way art Jeskai Way djinn Jeskai Way monks Jeskai Way Aven Jeskai Way Efreet



Mardu Horde


Mardu Horde Khans of Tarkir art 1 Mardu Horde Riders Mardu Horde Warriors Mardu Horde Goblins Mardu Horde Orcs



Sultai Brood


Sultai Brood Khans of Tarkir art1 Sultai Brood Warriors Sultai Brood Nagas Sultai Brood Zombies Sultai Brood Necromancers Sultai Brood rakshasas



Termur Frontier


Termur Frontier Khans of Tarkir art 1 Termur Frontier warriors Termur Frontier goblins Termur Frontier shamans Termur Frontier elementals