Goblin Warchief FNM May Promo


Goblins goblins goblins! This iconic tribe has been a part of magic’s history for about as long as we can remember. Little green men have been smashing faces for as long as there have been faces to smash. Along with most other common tribes, Goblins have had their fare share of “lords”, typically goblins that pump all other goblins. Possibly the scariest goblin lord to have ever been printed, Goblin Warchief eschews the lord mold and makes his friends faster and cheaper rather than stronger. One mana hasty Piledrivers? Two mana Matrons? Sign me up!

With Goblin Warchief coming in as an FNM promo for May, and Smash to Smithereens being the March Promo, red mages can finally have the tricked-out bling bling deck they’ve always wanted. Don’t forget about all the other sweet promos that exist for sweet red cards like Goblin Guide, Lightning Bolt, and Goblin Piledriver. The bling is real!

Also, just look at that sweet art! Mark Zug, the same artist who did Ponyback Brigade, puts his unique spin on this fierce fiend. At first, it appears that he’s wearing a fur coat, but a closer look reveals that he’s actually just wearing a dead animal. Awesome.