Imposing Sovereign

Boros “White Weenie”

Justin Herrell

Grand Prix Louisville – Top 16 Theros Standard

Main Deck

60 cards

23 lands

26 creatures

11 other spells


15 sideboard cards

This interesting Boros deck popped at GP Louisville this weekend, which is more like a white weenie with a splash of red for the four of the powerful Boros Charm. It has a low curve with powerful one-drops and bears that all have good abilities. Small cost for a low budget with Mutavault being the highest value which is a great investment since there played in all the formats (At this point everyone should have 4 in there collection). The Imposing Sovereign is a good tempo because your opponents have to wait 1 turn before they can effectively block with creatures they just summoned. The Precinct Captain helps your army grow. Spear of Heliod as your Glorious anthem and removal as an added bonus. Banisher Priest as removal is going to come as a surprise for most opponents and then you get to bash him with it too. The splash for Boros charm also makes total sense with so many sweepers like supreme verdict, Mizzium Mortars and Anger of the gods in this meta. The other two options are possible finishers or even combat tricks if you really need it. The Brave the Elements is also a good finisher when you want to go all out especially against Mono-Blue, Mono-Black and Mono-Red which are rampant in this meta and Mono-Green and the mirror while were at it too! This deck earns an honorable mention for getting Justin Herrell into the Top 16 of Grand Prix Louisville. Its fast and it looks really fun with all its cool useful small drops.