Reaper of the Wilds
Matthew Costa
1st Place at StarCityGames Standard Open on 11/24/2013
Main Deck
60 Cards
Lands (25)

Creatures (16)

Spells (19)

Sideboard (15)

Matt Costa was able to pilot this deck to a win against Boros Aggro in the finals.  Following along traditional Jund lines of incremental advantage into the midgame this deck combines power and versatility.  The creature suite has two ‘monstrous’ heavy hitters at the top end with Stormbreath Dragon and Polukranos supported by utility from Reaper of the Wilds, Scavenging Ooze and Sylvan Caryatid.  This is backed up by a very potent package of removal with Abrupt Decay & Hero’s Downfall for spot removal and Anger of the Gods & Mizzium Mortars as sweepers.  Finally the deck is rounded out with Thoughtseize & Rakdos’s Return to disrupt the opponents hand and Read the Bones to ensure that the right answers show up at the right time.