If ever there was a Limited Bomb for the Born of the Gods set, we’ve seen it previewed today.  The blue/black god.  The god of Deception.  Phenax.

Phenax, God of Deception

In short this card will help to end games in short order.  By the time you get it down you are probably looking at have two to three creatures out and if you are running blue/black they are generally either fliers or they are weak creatures with fat behinds.  Which means that every one of them will turn into a fantastic Mill Engine.  I thought Xenagos was the best God of the set, but I am wrong.

Lest my eyes deceive me.

Hero of Leina Tower

Hero of Leina Tower – here’s a very interesting Heroic ability in that on its own does absolutely nothing but scales up very quickly as you have more mana available to sink into him. Certainly with greens more rampy strategies there is a great deal of potential with him but the fact that it takes so long to put together and requires a good deal of investment into an otherwise vanilla creature make me leary. I don’t see a deck that truly wants this as a one-drop that won’t have an impact for several turns at least. Perhaps coupled with Vorel or Doubling Season effect he would have more value but there just seem to already be better one-drops to take that slot.

Whelming Wave

Whelming Wave – Lorthos lovers rejoice as there is now even more salty shenanigans available for your decks already rife with deep sea monsters. While definitely limited to builds that are taking abusive advantage of these specific creature types there isn’t a doubt in my mind that hard-core casual players already have a deck that this could slip into. Will obviously be popular with the Commander crowd as well.

Vanguard of Brimaz

Vanguard of Brimaz – the Cat Soldiers are looking to burst forth in full effect from this set. Another token generator to stand alongside their King we have a decent 2/2 Vigilance body tacked to a fairly decent Heroic ability. I really like that these cats aren’t just stock soldier tokens as adding the Vigilance really makes a huge difference allowing you to rush into mismatched attacks but still keep blockers for the crackback.