Chromanticore – holy moley and just plain wow !!! This guy is, on the surface, pretty ludicrous. Sure this cost is extremely restrictive but at that cost you’re certainly only playing it in a ramp strategy which includes dorks that provide multiple colors depending on what you’d need. And to compliment the rainbow cost we have a rainbow of abilities on this card. Flying, First Strike, Vigilance, Trample AND Lifelink…really ??? But is it anywhere near playable for constructed, I don’t think so. It could possibly find a home as a one-of in a Maze’s End deck but even then that might be a stretch. Casual players are going to eat this up though and I bet it’s going to be a blast to play with.

Glimpse the Sun God

Glimpse the Sun God – with all the rampant creature decks running amok this sly little trickster is sure to find a very useful spot in any white based control deck as a one or two-of. The addition of Scry 1 is what sells it basically allowing you to have a bit of a Cryptic-lite style card to tap down your opponents army before he declares and help with a bit of card selection. I don’t think it’s necessarily a main deck card but even a split of one main and one side might be seen going forward.

 Spirit of the Labyrinth

Spirit of the Labyrinth – this one has fairly good stats as an offensive threat just as a 3/1 for a two drop but her fairly unique ability is extremely strong. While it is not going to be useful against every deck there is a good deal which it does most specifically against Sphinx’s Revelation and Underworld Connections which is a very important part of the standard metagame. If not at the very least a necessary sideboard card I’m absolutely certain this is going to see constructed play and could help shape and redefine a new meta going forward.

Heroes' Podium

Heroes’ Podium – an interesting way to dig for your threats but it is just way too expensive to use reliably. There is the added bonus of the Coat of Arms style anthem effect but it’s just too narrow. This one will be relegated to Commander enthusiasts and is definitely great protection to help dig up your general should he fall victim to a tuck effect.

Nessian Demlock

Nessian Demlock – so what exactly does our opponent want to do? Chances are if he has any removal to deal with a 6/6 or even a few chump blockers he isn’t going to give you the opportunity to get rid of one of his non-creature permanents. If only this came with a useful keyword like Trample or even off-color Haste then maybe, but most often I think he’s just a five mana 6/6 vanilla beater. If that’s what your deck need then here’s your beast otherwise I think we need to look elsewhere.