Blighted Fen FNM April promo

Blighted Fen april FNM Promo_Art by Jason Felix 615x369


With the domination of Eldrazis in Standard and Modern, Blighted Fen FNM promo is more then welcome. The fact it can cast one of the new colorless creatures is great.

Even better, this land can serve as a removal for hexproof and shroud creature that no other removal will be able to manage.

Commander players will love the art by Jason Felix as the caustic fog spread over Battle for Zendikar with the glooming doom caused from the wake of the Eldrazin annihilation. Blighted Fen FNM promos will be given out to all

first place of our FNM tournaments and the rest will be handed out randomly to participants.

See you at our April FNM soon!

Blighted Fen april FNM Promo Card